Everyone Wins

Customized Support

At Quarterback, we’re invested in the success of our partners and Quarterbacks.  In order to effectively support their growth and development, we need to understand their needs, strengths, and improvement opportunities.

Our unique consultative approach is a direct result of this understanding.  We lead the development of truly bespoke engagements, avoiding the “one-size-fits-all” mentality of some programs.  In so doing, we reduce administrative burden, provide perspective, and craft custom solutions with maximum impact.

We customize our Quarterbacks’ training programs as well, quickly responding to development needs by bringing in experts to coach and mentor.

These activities put Quarterback at the forefront of developing high-impact opportunities for the benefit of the impact sector.

Selfless Synergy Searching

Difficult to say five times fast, but incredibly valuable.  Quarterback has a unique position in the market with in-depth knowledge of a wide range of organizations.  We think this perspective comes with an obligation: to selflessly search out synergy.

We actively introduce organizations we think could benefit from knowing one another.  Although introductions of this type may not further our operations, they unequivocally further our mission: strengthening the impact economy.  Already in Quarterback’s short history we’ve seen organizations across our portfolio cooperate, collaborate and even evaluate a merger.

Connecting the dots is good for the market.  It’s empowering for employees. It’s a best practice we’re proud to share.

360 Stakeholder Reviews

The 360-degree employee review is a common business practice.  When used effectively, it breaks down barriers otherwise present based on hierarchy (whether perceived or actual), provides compelling and actionable feedback from a variety of perspectives, and can result in increased employee satisfaction.

But what practices are there for monitoring the satisfaction of other stakeholder groups?

At Quarterback, we’ve taken the 360-degree review and remixed it.  We perform routine reviews with each of our stakeholder communities, gathering their impressions and feedback at regular intervals.

If reviews provide snapshots of performance, a 360 stakeholder review gives you a panoramic view of on the execution of your mission.