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Staffing & Recruiting
Chicago, USA
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Why you are in business
to maximize benefit rather than maximize profit

Meet the mission

Clearly defining your mission, using a theory of change to help determine your direction, and developing metrics to measure your progress.
What your business offers
is a product or service that creates a better world

Depth of impact

Your product of service helps people and/or the planet thrive, often through the introduction of a new innovation.

Scale of Impact

Your product of service is designed to scale to larger regions, often through industry collaboration, partnerships, open-sourcing, franchising or other models of dissemination that help you expand your positive impact.
How you run your business
creates a positive impact on people and the planet

Exceptional work environment

Environments that are fun, inspiring and an evolutionary leap beyond the beige cubicle.

Empowered employees

Autonomy, servant leadership, generous benefits, constant learning, and hiring based on strengths, shared values and a passion for the mission.

Everyone Wins

Care and concern for customers, suppliers, distributors, investors, and the community.

Earth friendly office

Choosing eco friendly supplies and suppliers and minimizing waste, water and carbon-based energy.

Eco Design

Designing your products, services and manufacturing processes to be carbon-neutral, zero waste, and non-toxic.

Replenish the planet

Using your business as a platform to spread environmental awareness and to support environmental causes
Creation story
2008 – Aspiring Professional Build Skills

Future Quarterbacks are in the first years of their careers working to get as much as they can from robust corporate training programs.  Founder Brian Gloede joins their ranks as an investment banker in the depths of a global recession.

Meanwhile: Opportunities to strategically support the impact economy are inaccessible to MBAs.

2010 – Branching Out

A selection of future Quarterbacks, now emerging from training programs and taking on positions of escalating responsibility, branch out to find extracurricular impact opportunities.  Brian joins a junior board and, in the process, meets a range of professionals like him: hungry for impact but starved for opportunities.

Meanwhile: 50% of Millennials plan on earning a graduate or professional degree—more than any other generation. (Pew Research Center, 2010)

2012 – The First Experiment

With a staid finance career trajectory in finance before him, Founder Brian Gloede does something unexpected: he leaves the industry based on a compulsion.  He wants to make a tangible impact for good.  “What if I gave back for 3 months—full-time—instead of working?”  he wonders, “and how could I leverage my skills to maximize impact?”

Part career discovery, part hunger for social impact—all experiment.

Meanwhile: Future Quarterbacks are preparing for and taking their GMAT exams.

Summer 2012 – Execution and Growth

Armed with a hypothesis that working intensively could create outsized impact, Brian set out to give back.  Luckily, he was in the right place at the right time.

Two months and a trip to Zambia later, Brian emerged changed.  Personally, his worldview had expanded to include the challenges of the least fortunate.   Professionally, he developed new skills quickly and experienced the enriching nature of the mission-first work environment.   He left a stronger leader.  His host organization was left with an expanded presence and stronger relationships in the Zambian corporate sector and won a permanent champion in Brian.

Meanwhile: Nonprofits report strategic/operational volunteers deliver 500% more value.

September 2012 – Founding of Quarterback

Based on his amazing experience, Brian fields calls and emails from friends and former colleagues alike—all hungry for impact and looking for the same experience, but not knowing where to turn.  After conversations with a network of nonprofit organizations—all of which express an interest in his friends and former colleagues’ work—Brian decides to bridge this prevalent gap: Quarterback is born.

“Quarterback” is a play on giving 3 months (a quarter) back to make an impact. We’re glad it also conveys: leadership, prestige, and differentiation

Meanwhile: Millennials reveal their focus on mission and development: 60% assert they will work for a company that “shares their values” and 65% say that personal development is the most important factor in their current job.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 10.16.00 AM
Spring 2013 – Quarterback Builds Partnerships and Launches

Quarterback secures its launch partners and works alongside them to develop challenges into engagements that suit business professionals’ skillsets and are achievable in the span of a quarter.  Quarterback launches its website and begins accepting applications.

Meanwhile: 73% of nonprofits say they would seek pro-bono support if they could identify projects and better understand how to utilize talent.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 10.28.38 AM
June 2013 – First Cohort of Quarterbacks Selected

Quarterback receives an avalanche of applications: 75 talented MBAs for its first 5 engagements.  They apply from Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, UChicago Booth, and other top programs—eager to differentiate themselves and build new skills in their pre- and mid-MBA summers.

Quarterback painstakingly interviews and selects an initial cohort of incredible Quarterbacks.

Meanwhile: 5 forward-thinking nonprofit organizations partnered with Quarterback prepare for leaps forward in key strategic initiatives. Non-Quarterback MBA candidates leave their employers down time before school.

2013 – A Pilot Earns its Wings

Quarterback’s initial cohort delivers pricing strategies, program reinventions, global expansion pathways, and startup business plans.  In 10 weeks they have ignited change and sustainability at Quarterback’s partner organizations and clearly stand apart from their peers on day one of business school.

Meanwhile: Quarterback is sharing the success far and wide and inbound requests for 2014 partnership begin.

2014 and Beyond – Scaling Impact, Innovating Solutions

Quarterback alumni stand out as empathetic, innovative leaders and Quarterback partners continually get the resources and expertise necessary to prove and improve their models—bringing about a new age of the impact economy.

Quarterback makes intensive experience like that in its programs a personal priority and a professional priority.

Meanwhile: Quarterback alumni are launching careers at leading management consulting firms, startups, social enterprises, nonprofits and all other manner of organizations. 76% of hiring managers saying skill-based volunteering makes candidates more desirable

Theory of change
A Theory of Change is a method of describing how an organization’s intended impact will be realized; it’s the cause-and-effect logic for how an organization works backwards from its mission to create products, services and other initiatives that create the desired positive impact they intend. A Theory of Change is a common best practice used by Non-profits that is now being widely used by For-profit organizations that define themselves as purpose-first rather than profit-first. The Theory of Change includes metrics the organizations uses to to measure their success and monitor their progress towards creating their intended impact.
Below is a simplified info-graphic of a Theory of Change. To learn more about creating a detailed Theory of Change, click here
Intended impact
the positive impact we intend to create
Leadership for the Impact Economy
We are building a new wave of leadership to power the impact economy. We develop immersion programs that support social innovation and provide promising professionals with the experience they need to lead in the next 25 years.
Our Strategy
to create the impact we intend
  • Supporting Social Innovation
    We believe that innovation is a key ingredient to a vibrant impact economy. In oder to fuel this innovation, we provide a jolt of new talent and support to organizations that are ready to change the world.
  • Building the Next Wave Leadership
    The impact economy will require a new brand of leadership. We start with rising stars from the business community and ensure they get the experience they need to jumpstart their potential to lead in the impact economy. As a first step, we have started with MBAs to spread this leadership directly into the C-suite.
  • Breaking Down Talent Barriers
    Our programs break down barriers between the private and nonprofit sectors. Through intensive exposure to the nonprofit sector, we expose future leaders to a new way of thinking. This is becoming increasingly important as the lines between the nonprofit and commercial sectors blur.
  • Calling Attention to Contributions
    Quarterback seeks to put the spotlight on its innovative partners and accomplished Quarterbacks so they can be recognized for their incredible efforts to make the world a better place. As a result, we help build aspiration for impact careers.
Impact Measurement
how we measure our progress towards our intended impact


Number of future leaders with exposure to work in the impact economy via our programs.

Facilitated Value

The private sector equivalent of value provided by our Quarterbacks to our partners.

Global Reach

Number of countries Quarterbacks have impacted through their work.

Lives Touched

Number of all beneficiaries impacted by our Quarterbacks’ work.

Best practices

Customized Support

At Quarterback, we’re invested in the success of our partners and Quarterbacks.  In order to effectively support their growth and development, we need to understand their needs, strengths, and improvement opportunities. Our unique consultative approach is a direct result of this understanding.  We lead the development of truly bespoke engagements,…

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Selfless Synergy Searching

Difficult to say five times fast, but incredibly valuable.  Quarterback has a unique position in the market with in-depth knowledge of a wide range of organizations.  We think this perspective comes with an obligation: to selflessly search out synergy. We actively introduce organizations we think could benefit from knowing one…

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360 Stakeholder Reviews

The 360-degree employee review is a common business practice.  When used effectively, it breaks down barriers otherwise present based on hierarchy (whether perceived or actual), provides compelling and actionable feedback from a variety of perspectives, and can result in increased employee satisfaction. But what practices are there for monitoring the…

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